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Meet the Chad & Brad Family

Brad Base Character PNG


The Sidekick

Of course, where would Chad be without his trusty sidekick Brad. Always there to hold Chad's beer and pump him up when he's getting ready to do something off the rails. 


The Man
The Myth
The Legend

No matter who you are or where you are from, every person knows a Chad. Chad will steal the show and the women's hearts faster than you can say "Hold my beer, Bro."

Chad Base Character PNG
Chads Dad Base Character PNG

Chad's Dad

The Money

As we all know, Chad likes to come up with a lot of crazy "get rich quick" schemes. His latest venture into Cannabis has really made Chad's Dad dig deep into his pockets. Will Chad survive the legal world of Cannabis?

Why This nft??

Chad & Brad Family NFT Collection is a group of 10,000 unique characters focused on the famous Chad & Brad stereotypes that are currently plaguing the cannabis industry. The 5 main characters that are here to take over are Chad, Brad, Chad's little brother Thad, Brad's little brother Bryce and of course the financier, Chad's Dad. Follow the family as they own and operate their very own legal cannabis company in California. 

By joining Chad & Brad on their journey through the industry, you yourself will become an owner of the great Chad Family Enterprises. Every person that mints a Chad & Brad Family NFT will have the ability to enter into our exclusive Rewards Program* and Play-to-Earn Beta Launch. Each NFT will grant every holder equal access to claiming their rewards regardless of rarity! The company will be relinquishing 20% of all profits and adding them to a liquidity pool for a decentralized altcoin and will continue to do so to maintain the stability of the coin.

As members of the program, you will also be entitled to airdrops, discounts on real world products, ability to be the first holders of $CHADCOIN. Upon members verifying ownership and filling out the Rewards Form, we will have the ability to airdrop all Chad & Brad Family member's rewards directly into their Metamask or other crypto wallet. $CHADCOIN will launch shortly after the sale of the final NFT in the collection and holders of the Chad & Brad NFT will have exclusive access to being the first holders of $CHADCOIN. 

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Access to Passive Income

Every person that mints a Chad & Brad Family NFT will now have the ability to join the Chad Rewards Program* with Chad Enterprises (a state-licensed CA Cannabis Company) with each NFT giving every owner equal access to rewards. 

Low Initial Mint

All Chad & Brad Family NFT's will mint at the low price of 0.07ETH. With current Ethereum prices, that gives you revenue sharing with a legal cannabis company for under $250. Additionally Pre-Sale will mint at 0.05ETH offering an additional discount to early members and those whitelisted.

Industry Collaborations

Chad has the ability to create real-world Collaborations with top-leading cannabis industry brands, influencers and companies. We have multiple projects in development to be announced soon! (First collab with Tiger King Cannabis)

Perks of Ownership
Owners of Chad & Brad Family NFT's are entitled to a 20% Lifetime Discount with our Foundation Delivery Retail Locations in California.
Initial Holders are members of an exclusive Rewards Program with one of the perks being the ability to be one of the first CHADCOIN holders.
private events
All holders gain VIP Access to Private Events in Palm Springs and Las Vegas thrown by us and our partners at Epic Raves and Lavish Entertainment.

Chad & Brad Roadmap

mint the family

Minting of 10,000 Unique Chad & Brad Family Members will take place February 17th at 1:00 pm PST 

launch $chad coin

All Chad & Brad Family Members will receive a welcome bonus in the form of our very own altcoin $CHAD

industry collabs

We have some great collabs in store with top leading cannabis industry brands and influencers

AirDrop dividends

All Chad & Brad Family Members will receive rewards in the form of our very own altcoin $CHAD

mobile game launch

All Chad & Brad Holders gain exclusive access to our mobile game where they can earn more $CHAD 

virtual dispensary

Foundation Delivery is joining the Metaverse, our #1 Retail Location will launch inside Sandbox for all to enjoy


*NFT Holders will need to verify ownership and fill out a form granting them access to the Profit Sharing Program. As per SEC Regulations purchasers of the Chad & Brad Family NFT are NOT making a direct investment into Chad Enterprises, LLC and as such are not legal shareholders of the company. A Secondary Holding Company is established to manage a liquidity pool in the form of an altcoin where holders rewards will be held and distributed amongst the community.