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Highest Quality

All the flower Chad utilizes for its brands is sourced from the highest quality indoor, light deprivation or greenhouse facilities in California. No matter what tier pricing you are looking for, Chad has the products that will blow away the competition. 

Trusted Source

Chad only utilizes trusted contacts in the cannabis industry that focus on quality and consistency. When it comes to your brand, the smallest inconsistency can create delays and potentially lose you business, don't be a Chad, be THE Chad.

Highest Quality Trusted Source Cannabis

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Tiger King

What Chad Has To Offer ?

With over 30 years of combined experience in the cannabis industry, the team at Chad knows what it takes to make a lasting impression in today's flooded market. Not only can we help with designing your logo and packaging, Chad will source your product from its network of award-winning cultivars and industry leading manufacturers. Your brand is in good hands with Chad... Guaranteed. 

What Chad Has To Offer